Personalized embroidery file

Personalized embroidery file (dogs, cats, horses):

For a given reason:
also special productions (animal portraits and all other embroidery or plotter files) which we make exclusively in the customer order and especially for the customer are NOT TRANSFERABLE!
If our customers should pass on the motives specially made for them to other persons, this is no longer compatible with our offer and the price must be adjusted accordingly.
This offer is only valid for private and small businesses, other companies please ask for a separate offer!

You can order your personal embroidery file here

The creation of such a file costs 40 € per head.
The picture of your animal (dog / horse / cat) should be photographed with a high resolution and transmitted.
Of course I need a template. 

It is best to have several, from which I can choose the best perspectives.
A good and high resolution from 1000 pixels is necessary.
Simply enlarge to the required pixels is unfortunately not useful, as this makes the image look blurred when you enlarge.
And then comes a lot of manual work.
I don't work with Photoshop, Inkscape or similar, but draw every single motive by hand on the PC!
With my pedigree dogs I use e.g. different pictures, in order to be able to supply as neutral a race portrait as possible.
This also includes, for example, to give the dog a certain viewing direction. 
Because nothing looks worse in the eyes of a dog owner than if the dog does not "look up". 
It is enough to rotate a picture by a few degrees.
(This of course does not apply to "proud" dog breeds with "huge ego" or Cats :D)
There is a working time of at least 2-3 hours per portrait, which one does not see.

Therefore it is also important to photograph the animal at least from eye level and or if you take pictures in pairs, the master with treat stands approx. 1 meter in front of you, and you photograph the pictures from hand height on eye level of the animal (thus from diagonally above)!
Comically expressed... I hope you understand :D

Each animal is individual, each animal is beautiful and has its own charisma.
But please note, as beautiful as the snapshot / picture of the animal is, unfortunately it is not always possible to convert everything one to one.

- please no picture with head looks back over shoulder (looks unformed, head seems too short and too wide!)
- photograph at eye level (from above or below the perspective is not right)
- also sideways
- Resolution please high enough (DO NOT enlarge! Will blur)
- please do not edit with any filter
- do not photograph too bright or too dark
- do not transmit blurred images

And very important: 
If you want to have a picture in the race of your animal: 
then all paws should be visible.
Because nothing looks worse than an animal that lacks a paw (or is not visible).
And very important for full body pictures:
- if possible always from the side
- Not slanting (looks unshaped) 
- and also not from the front (also looks stupid)

You see: the correct selection of the picture is very difficult, but is still fun!!!

When selecting the image, the following should be considered :
- photographed from eye level
- choose a high resolution from the start
- if there should be a picture running, all legs / feet should be visible
- if the dog has a drawing to be represented, make sure that the photo is bright enough

Therefore, please send me more and more pictures so that I can make a preselection to show you which photos are suitable for editing.

These pictures can be viewed at info at nähecke . com under your invoice number to me.
As soon as the receipt of money has been recorded, I will prepare your embroidery file and send you a preliminary draft for further approval.
You will receive your personal embroidery file for all your frame sizes, as a plot file (EPS, CDR, SVG) and as a JPG.