A short info to the Photostitch motives:

Photostitch is a "slightly different kind" of embroidery, this is a meandering stitch that creates a similar effect to the "Sfumato" technique by Leonardo da Vinci in an embroidery.

Please compare the colours with the original.
A photo stitch is embroidered with about 5 colors.
Starting with the darkest colour in gradations up to the lightest colour.
It is embroidered in layers OVER ANY other, so that the desired shades and effects result.
Please do not be afraid if it looks a bit funny at the beginning!

Please pay special attention to a matching fabric for motifs such as the beagle or the longhaired Chihuahua, as this can shine through!!!

Usually such a motive has 12000 stitches upwards!
If you should decide for a motive with Photostitch, then you embroider this first on your desired material with a firm fleece as underlay.
Afterwards, please dampen your motif before processing the fabric, as the fabric can contract due to the embroidery density.

Motifs with many light surfaces are better suited for light fabrics.

Please note:
- available frame sizes!
(Not every motive is suitable for 10x10 frames)

- Stitch number limitation of your machine in connection with the frame size!
although a stitch number limit of 35tsd is specified, the rule of thumb for the 13x18 frame is: no more than 30tsd stitches!

- Imitation leather is not suitable for motifs with more than 4000 stitches, because the stitches contract too much!

- Matching colours (Maraton Rayon is always indicated)

- Photostitch looks better from far away than from near!

- Not all motifs are suitable for photo stitching.
If you are interested in the digitalization of a photo stitch work, the graphics must have at least 1000 pixels (do not enlarge the original).

- White and black dogs / cats / horses are usually NOT suitable for Photostitch motifs!